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Social Media Marketing: The Battle Between Social Media Trends and Social Media Basics

Times are changing. Since Facebook was launched, till now we have seen a huge leap and difference on how people create, consume and engage with the content. Social media has shifted from first being a virtual communication platform to an experience sharing platform to a creator’s platform.

Everybody wants to be known!!

And because of that, we are looking at people hopping on trends on a daily basis. While there are some creators, who still like to stick to the basics.

Who do you think is going to grow more?

Let us first understand what is content!


Content is anything and everything that you post on social media. It can be a simple post, story or a video for that matter.

Content has multiple forms and how people are going to engage depends on what form of content you are posting and on which platform. Different social media platforms prioritize different types of content depending upon what people consume the most. You need to tailor your content with respect to different social media platforms, which we call context.


Even if you have a plethora of content but lack contextualism, it’s a bitter truth but you are not going to perform well on social media. For instance, if you have created a meme and decide to put it into a blog, it might not do well. But rather if you decide to post that meme on twitter, you might crush it.

Well, content without visibility is useless. You need people to see and engage, which ultimately brings us to hashtags.


Hashtags determine the category of your post and also what kind of people are going to see and engage with your post. It’s a very common tool that people use with the intent of being viral to gain some fame through their content.

But let us say, it’s not that easy. For that you need a solid Content Strategy.

Content Strategy:

A sound content strategy is nothing but planning on how you are going to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Content strategy has predetermined goals, specific plans to reach those goals and the analysis on what’s happening with your content and how you can improve.

A part of people’s strategy is to hop on social media trends to gain visibility on their content.

Social Media Trends:

You would have seen the audience playing with filters, dancing on reels, creating content on popular hashtags or a popular event. A social media trend is nothing but the hype of a certain type of content for a specific period of time.

A trend usually has more eyeballs which gives you a higher possibility of going viral compared to other forms of content.

Why are Social Media Trends important?

The social media world changes faster than you think. Not all but few trends may give you an advantage over others. So a few reasons why trends can be that can impact your social media presence.

Organic reach is going down:

Once upon a time, social media platforms were so high on organic reach that a simple “hi” would get you a lot of replies. But that’s not the case anymore. It’s not easy to grow these days and it’s not not unintentional. The owners of social media platforms have decreased so that people run ads to grow which makes them a lot of bucks out of it.

At the end of the day, social media is nothing but business.

Social Media works on money - the more you pay, the more you grow:

The user is the product for social media platforms. They give you user’s information and help in convincing them to buy your product but you have to pay for that first.

But what’s good is it’s a reliable investment for businesses to make. The information they provide, targeting abilities they have, you may not be able to reach those audiences on your own otherwise.

But people want good things at lower cost so they keep finding alternative sources to grow without ads. And that’s why they are dependent on new and high performing features of social media platforms which helps them to reach new audiences as early adopters.

These days people are relying more on reels as it’s a trending form of content but do they work for every creator?

Absolutely not, which brings us to rely on social media basics.

Social Media Basics

Social Media Basics are evergreen factors that are going to stay forever and have nothing to do with trends and the time. They are content forms like carousels, single image posts and factors like keywords, optimization techniques, categorical keywords, content frequency etc.

Some creators create content on these factors as they also perform and don’t like to pressure themselves with new trends.

With basics you grow slowly but consistently. You require patience but it’s one of the strongest and most effective strategies when it comes to creating a strong personal brand on social media.

Why are Social Media Basics important?

In any industry, trends may come and go but basics/fundamentals remain the same. It’s a long form strategy and very important when you are relying on trends less in comparison to other creators.

Ensures Growth:

When you have worked on the foundation, believe us your profile is stronger than you think. It gives you performance and also provides a chance of going viral if you work perfectly on the majority of basic factors, such as, hashtags, keywords, quality, frequency, CTAs, etc.

Provides Credibility:

Just hoping on trends looks like you are looking for quick fame but when you focus on creating content with a consistent frequency, work on making your profile more credible and trustworthy, your chances to grow at a faster pace increases.

Social Media Trends vs Social Media Basics:

Both are somewhere just a small part of a content strategy as it consists of more than just forms of content. But as far as trends and basics are concerned, your performance and growth depends on who you are and what people are expecting from you.

Because the truth is, you are going to perform only if your audience is going to like you and your content.

Let's say, you are an entertainer (an actor or a dancer). Instagram reels, training videos on tiktok are going to perform well instead of anything that comes to social media. While if you are a professional designer or a marketer, carousels, stories and IGTVs are going to perform well as you can showcase your work and those are going to be great educational content formats.

For any content to perform, it should be

  1. Creative

  2. Memorable

  3. Impactful

  4. Entertaining

  5. Unique

  6. Value driven


Once GaryVee said, Content is King but Context is God. You just cannot grow based on your content. You have to focus on what people are looking for and it also has to align with something you are good at. Then when you will be able to connect with the audience more oftenly and accurately.

Both the content formats, basics and trends are important but it depends on you, how you perform with social media trends and how you perform with basics. You are not going to perform well on social media with trends if you are not good with communicating or dancing or entertaining people, even if trending content has the potential to make you viral.

If your ability is creating awesome carousels, designs, single posts, you are more likely to succeed with basics in comparison to trends.

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