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All About Instagram Algorithm and How It Works

As Instagram users, all we need is to get more reach and likes on the content that we post. But how is that possible when the app keeps on changing its algorithm. Well, At least we think it does. But is that really true? Well, Not really. There are some easy tips and tricks that you need to know to understand Instagram's algorithm and how to increase the reach by using that algorithm.

For that, first we need to get a clear idea of the algorithm. So let’s dig in and know how you can go viral on Instagram.

Does Instagram have an algorithm?

Well of course it has; In fact, it has more than just one algorithm. That’s right! Instagram uses multiple algorithms, classifiers and processes and each of these have their own purpose. First started in 2010, Instagram was an app streaming photos in chronological order, but as more people started using the overtime it became impossible for Instagram to keep everything on track. This resulted in people missing out on seeing more than half of the posts. By the year 2016, People were missing almost 70% of all their posts in their feed. Hence, Instagram developed and launched a feed that ranked posts according to your interests.

Instagram divides the content and shows you what you want to see in each part of the app - Feed, Explore and Reels. As people are more inclined towards checking out what their closest friends are up to, Instagram uses its algorithm tailored to how people use it. That basically means that Instagram works based on what you would like to see on your news feed.

How Instagram Rank the Content?

1. Relationship

The first one in the list we have is the relationship you carry with the user. The algorithm predicts that the people with whom you have interacted the most are your closest. Thus when they post something on their story or feed it pops up on your Instagram screen first.

This means interacting with your followers helps you to get more reach and some organic followers if you are an influencer.

2. Interest

Instagram is smarter than you know, It knows precisely what to show you and whatnot. Based on whatever you search or follow, Instagram will show you what you want to see based on your interest in your “Explore” field.

By tracking what type of content you consume and understanding what is in the photo or video you watched, Instagram knows how to highlight a particular content on that particular person’s news feed and when.

3. Timeliness

When you post the content is as equally important as what you post. For Instagram, the newest posts are more important and are more likely to show on top of a person’s feed. The consistency of you posting the content also matters. The more and consistently you post the more the follower base will grow. To increase the reach Instagram insists on posting at the time when most of your followers are online. The best time to post any content is morning and late evenings when people use their mobile phones the most.

Tips to make your post go viral:

1. Post Carousels

Yes, Carousel posts are a great way to get more reach as they make up 17% of feed posts and pull 3 times more engagement in comparison to other post types.

2. Consistency

The more you post the more reach you will get and that is a mantra you should learn by heart if you want to get people to notice you on Instagram. The reason being with this is to get an organic reach and followers.

According to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, Posting 2 feed posts per week and 2 stories per day is ideal for building a following on the app.

3. Never Toy with Instagram

Don’t ever buy fake followers or believe Instagram pods and Instagram automation works, because they don’t. Instagram knows when your account is being doubtful. So focusing more on authenticity, relationships and telling great stories will work the best for you.

4. Try every new feature

As per the research, The app’s algorithm is currently boosting reels like anything. Posting one reel and using the right hashtag will help you get on the top. Posting a reel with eye-catching content will certainly drive new followers to you.

Other than this, using the right and trending hashtags and automating your analytics reports will help you identify your audience and guide you on what kind of content you should post that can keep them coming back.

So take some time out once a month and study the report, look at the numbers, what content is working and what posting time and hashtag works the best for you.

Using Instagram is easy but keeping people stay with you is not. However, ranking your page on Instagram is pretty easy if you take care of all the above-mentioned things. All you have to do to keep yourself on top is to stay active and interact with your followers. Believe us, half of your work will be done there.

That’s it folks.

Hope your Instagram page gets the fame it deserves.

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