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Advertising Rules That You Should Really Know

Advertising is a game of creativity aimed at selling in order to generate revenue. Big bucks are involved in what looks like a short ad for a regular product. But when it comes to taking money out of the pockets of your buyers, there are some laws and moral grounds that need to be adhered to. There are certain laws and guidelines stated by the I&B ministry to regulate the content that is made.

In this article, we’ve listed down some of those laws as well as moral grounds that every advertising professional needs to stick to when they promote a product or a brand. Some of these are within the national laws and some are just ethical duties we felt like we should all be following together in order to let the field of advertising be a reputable profession.

1.) Accuracy

The audience hates being deceived. Try to keep it as real as you possibly can when you describe your product in your marketing channels. Sure, you’re allowed to say all things sunshine and rainbows about what the product actually does but never claim or even mention the probability of something it’ll never do. If you’re selling a shampoo that does not have the ability to treat damaged hair, just don’t say that in your advertising. Go for something else that best describes your product or try to sell an idea/emotion instead of the product like what brands like Bacardi, Hayward’s & McDowell’s do.

2.) Permissions

Never ever use any material or anyone’s face for endorsement if you don’t have official permission from the personality or organization. Doing so may result in strikes against your advertisement and instead of generating revenue, it may result in negative publicity for the brand ultimately causing a lack of sales.

3.) Sportsman Spirit

Apart from a friendly banter on social media, try to keep away from criticising the rival brands. The unnecessary comparison comes across as highly unprofessional to the audience no matter how big the stature of the brand doing so is.

4.) Observation

Observe the market as well as your own presence as a brand on a regular basis. Observe what the rivals are doing and what’s making them more or less successful than you. Observe what kind of advertising content your brand is giving out and does it really match with its tone? If your brand does not give credit easily, do not mention so in your advertising. Observation and its accuracy is the key to crafting relevant and successful strategies for brands regardless of it being for branding or sales.

5.) Think of your TG first

Your audience comes before you even if it’s your product that you’re trying to sell in the market. If you don’t aim it at the right audience, you’ll never be able to make sales. Research is the key. Know your TG and understand what kind of preferences, values and interests they hold. Make your communication in line with what works for your TG and you’ll never have to worry about sales again.

6.) Relevance

Stay relevant to your audience. As your brand grows older, your audience will too. But that doesn’t mean you’ll not have a newer set of audience. So you have to make sure the communication of your design works with your TG. If you’re selling a school bag, a picture of Warren Buffet won’t do the job as much as a picture of Ironman or Spider-Man would. While if you’re selling insurance, Mr Buffet can endorse you better than a clown or a superhero.

7.) Optimistic Mindset

This is mandatory when you’re in the field of advertising. You need to think hard to come up with an idea that looks convincing to you but the story doesn’t end there. You also need to be able to envision what it looks like from the audience’s perspective and then present it in the best possible way to get it approved. Sometimes the ideas that look bizarre at first are the ones that do wonders in the market and become a benchmark for future advertising professionals. So stay optimistic and have your convincing game strong.

So that’s about it folks!

We hope you enjoyed and learnt something worthwhile from this blog. All of us advertising professionals should and would find these rules as our moral and national duty towards our profession and we hope we can all keep the creative spirit of advertising always alive - together!

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