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6 Proven Tips to make a Viral Ad Campaign

Updated: May 10, 2021

Understanding the audience is the key in any medium to create content that remains the king of the communication process. An advertising agency or a marketer always hopes for their content to go viral on social media platforms. And that’s one of the most obvious things to expect when you’re in the online business.

Becoming famous online doesn’t occur on a lot of posts or advertisements and that is why it is so alluring. But the catch is that there is no particular way or formula to make your ad go viral. However, there are a few common characteristics between most of the ads that have gone viral on social media platforms and have had appreciation from a huge audience.

So what exactly was the common path that they all went on? What did they do to make their content go viral? Here are some of the tips and tricks you can follow to make your ad or campaign go viral:

1.) Make it appealing for your target audience / Emotional appeal

Determine your target audience as you design the campaign. You can achieve this by using the formula of 5Ws and 1H. Asking questions about What, Why, When, Where, Who and How will make you know who your target audience is. For example, if you’re selling a product, answer these questions for your audience: What is the product? Why should someone use it? When is the best time to use it? Where is the product going to be available? Who exactly is it meant for? And how can they use it to their benefit?

After that, it is important that you produce an ad that resonates with your target audience. Add an emotional touch to it. Think about who your target audience is. Get inside the mindset of that group and figure out some of the emotions they commonly feel and use them in your ad to make it relatable for them. It is essential that it conveys or delivers a specific emotion which with the audience can relate to. It should deliver the exact message that you want to deliver. The audience should be able to see themselves in the ad and go, “Oh! I definitely need that product to make my life better!”

2.) Know the trend

Keeping up with the trends is at the core of conceptualization of ads that are especially meant for digital platforms. Remember, social media is the fastest evolving platform there is. As an ad agency, it's important for you to keep yourself up to date with each of the social media platforms and what is the hottest topic that is trending on each of them.

Sometimes however, there aren’t any specific topics being talked about as part of the trend but some other content like memes, a certain way of design, etc. is the trend itself. Social media is all about producing content that the majority would like and engage with. It must stick with them once they come across it and should stay with them.

3.) SEO friendly title and caption

Using proper hashtags in the caption and writing SEO-friendly captions will give your ad the reach it deserves. Furthermore, adding a call to action in the caption also works its way out.

But do find a creative way to write a call to action. Be out of the box, tell people to share the video in a different yet indirect way. Play with words and make them impactful. Think of the keywords that are the most relevant to what your target audience can search. Using the right keywords can gradually increase the potential of visibility and can get your ad up the list of searched items.

4.) Be real and creative

Your ad should be creative and should have a never-seen-before factor. Add an element that makes your ad stand out and gives competition to others. Make sure that your ad gives the viewer an adrenaline rush... one way or the other. Keep all your senses aware and grab everything that makes your ad the most creative.

5.) Make it visually impactful with a strategy

Make a pattern and strategy while making your ad. A proper marketing strategy will make your ad more capable of going viral and will make it reach the targeted audience faster.

Try to make an ad or a campaign that tells a story. A successful ad campaign requires a visual strategy and it has to be compatible with your brand and target audience. If your ad is interesting, unique, and contains some emotion such as humor, hope, or happiness it will go straight through the viewer's mind. They’ll be able to connect to it without having to make any subconscious efforts and it’ll win the game for your product.

6.) Publish it at the right time

This is where it gets crucial. Even if you pulled off all the other steps right, if you don’t get this one right, it can all be in vain. Publishing the ad at the right time can be a decider between making or breaking its run on the platform. So lookout for the best days of the week or even specific, best hours of each day to post your content in order to reach a high number of audiences and gain organic reach.

So that’s all folks! You can follow these steps to create an advertisement that has the potential to go viral but remember, the ultimate factor in content going viral is the audience’s response. So always value your audience, understand your audience and give them what they want and in return, they’ll give you what you want - engagement!

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