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One of Niksun’s core service offering is communications strategy consulting for political campaigns. We have worked extensively on election campaigns with some of the leading national and state-level political parties in India. We have coined wildly popular slogans and executed 360° party manifesto based campaigns in the political advertising segment for over two decades now.  We are proud to have carried out the 2019 Loksabha elections campaign across 23 states in India in multiple regional languages amongst many other notable electoral campaigns. 


Our thought-provoking campaigns are a result of our thorough research and understanding of the pulse of the region and its voters. Our campaigns prove to be successful because we place people at their core. Niksun Political Media uses impactful communication strategies and well-designed media plans to produce and release effective campaigns for major national and regional political parties and leaders of the country.





Every election campaign’s primary objective is to gain the widest reach and the deepest impact on the mindsets of the voters. Campaigns often face this herculean task with limited time and resources at its disposal. At Niksun, we exactly understand this and help political organizations and entities take smarter decisions on the allocation of such limited resources to achieve maximized impact. It just starts there, we also help these entities in setting up campaign operations and executing them till the end. The success of a campaign is not decided by the amount of expenditure but by the strategy driving it.



Niksun has been a pioneer in video production and our television commercials have effectively managed to engage, enthral and inspire audiences towards voting for the endorsed political party. Our services aren’t just limited to video production, we continue to produce all formats of creative content for Radio, Outdoor hoardings, Print ads and Social Media handles for political parties and leaders alike.



Niksun takes an all-round approach to advertising, which is why we not only manage creative content production but also administer the media release of all such content across print, television and radio platforms which involves planning and allocation of media slots across publishing houses. 



Political Campaigning is getting streamlined, the world over. It is no more an unorganized, informal sector running traditionally. Deployment of technology has become imperative for data analysis & interpretation, micro-segmentation & targetting of voter groups and distribution of content with constantly increasing penetration of social media among the population. 

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